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Dr. Yen-yo Liao and his staff
welcome you to Ai Family Dental

Our experienced, friendly dental team is dedicated to providing you the highest level of care and customer service and making you feel comfortable and relaxed at Ai Family Dental. Each member is an important part of our team.

We welcome you to visit our team and dentists in our office and we look forward to facilitating a pleasant dental experience!



Focused on your health

Focused on your health

Friendly & gentle

Friendly & gentle

“Dr. Liao is the loving husband and
father of three young kids and the proud
care taker of two miniature
dachshunds, Momo and Dodo.”

Dr. Yen-yo Liao


Dr. Liao is proud to serve the dental needs of Dallas and the surrounding suburbs at Ai Family Dental, where patient comfort is a top priority.

He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry with honors from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) before completing his Doctor of Dental Surgery, also from UCLA. Dr. Liao’s dedication and skill were recognized with the prestigious Gold Foil Operator achievement award.

After dental school, he further honed his expertise through a post-doctoral residency in Advanced General Dentistry at the University of Tennessee.

Outside of dentistry, Dr. Liao is a loving husband and father to three young kids, and he cherishes the companionship of his miniature dachshund, Dodo. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, reading, gardening, and learning.

At Ai Family Dental, Dr. Liao and his team are committed to providing gentle and personalized care, making sure every patient has a comfortable experience. Your dental health is in the hands of a skilled professional who genuinely cares about your well-being

Dr. Ji-Won Kang


Dr. Kang’s journey into dentistry was marked by a commitment to excellence and a unique blend of experiences. He earned his esteemed Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from the University of Buffalo in NY, where he honed his skills and passion for dental care.

Before venturing into the world of dentistry, Dr. Kang had a background as an engineer. This engineering experience instilled in him a keen eye for detail, which he seamlessly incorporates into his dental practice. Dr. Kang’s precision and attention to detail allow him to deliver exceptional care to his patients, ensuring their smiles receive the utmost care and precision.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Dr. Kang possesses a compassionate heart. He actively participates in serving the underserved through public health clinics, making dental care accessible to those in need. Dr. Kang’s dedication to giving back to the community exemplifies his commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others.

In his personal life, Dr. Kang finds joy in exploring the world with his beloved wife and son. Travelling together provides them with cherished moments of bonding and creating lasting memories as a family.


━ Dental Hygienist

Meet Aria, a dedicated dental professional who earned her degree from the esteemed Southern Illinois University of Carbondale. Her passion for dental health and education drives her commitment to providing top-notch care to her patients.

Growing up in China, Aria’s journey into dentistry was complemented by her previous experience as a professional diver and her participation in the Olympics. These experiences instilled in her a strong sense of discipline, focus, and determination, qualities that she carries into her dental practice.

Aria’s caring and nurturing nature extends beyond the dental office. She cherishes her role as a mother to her young daughter, Olivia, and also devotes her spare time to teaching swimming, sharing her passion for aquatic sports with others.

With Aria’s expertise and dedication, you can trust that your dental health is in capable hands. Her diverse background and commitment to patient care make her an exceptional addition to our dental team. Experience the attentive and skillful care that Aria brings to every dental appointment.


━ Lead RDA

Meet David, a highly skilled RDA with over 15 years of valuable experience in the dental industry. With a keen eye for detail and a seamless proficiency in a wide range of dental procedures, including 3D scanning and orthodontics, David is an indispensable asset to any dental team.

In addition to his professional expertise, David also enjoys watching sports and is an avid fan of the Dallas Cowboys, Stars and Mavs

Patient Coordinator Team

Aiko Hirano

Aiko was born in Osaka, Japan. After graduating with a Business major, she gained two years of valuable experience working in a dental office in Japan, handling both front and back office responsibilities. Drawn to our dental practice by her positive patient experience, Aiko joined us as a receptionist and patient coordinator, with a special focus on assisting Japanese patients with treatment planning and insurance.

Her fluency in Japanese and deep understanding of their cultural norms make Aiko a trusted and comforting presence for our Japanese patients. Beyond her role as a receptionist, she meticulously guides patients through their treatment plans and ensures they have the best possible insurance coverage.

A loving mother to a young toddler son and a Pitbull-Labrador mix, Aiko’s caring nature extends beyond humans to her beloved pets. Her previous work as a dog groomer reflects her passion for animals.


Born in Taiwan, Amanda Chang is devoted mother of three children and married for 20 years. Currently, she works as a receptionist and treatment coordinator in our dental practice, focusing on assisting Mandarin-speaking patients.

Having been a patient herself, Amanda’s positive experiences at our office motivated her to join our team. Amanda’s attention to detail is evident in her role as a treatment coordinator, where she ensures that patients understand their treatment plans thoroughly.

Outside of work, Amanda finds joy in reading comics and books, and her love for cooking adds a creative touch to her interactions with others. Her caring nature and dedication to patient care make her an asset to our dental


With over 3 years of valuable dental experience and a member of Taiwan Oral Care Association, Della is a skilled professional who adeptly manages various front desk tasks, including insurance and marketing, ensuring smooth operations at the dental practice.

As a mother of twin girls, Della’s nurturing instincts extend beyond her role in the dental field. Her expertise in teaching little kids how to take care of their teeth makes her a friendly and approachable resource for young patients and their families.

Beyond dentistry, Della is pursuing her passion for aesthetics and is currently undergoing training to become an esthetician, adding another dimension to her talents and interests.


Christine’s roots lie in Plano, TX, where she spent her formative years and attended J.J. Pearce High School. Following her passion for nursing, she pursued her education at the University of Texas in Austin, earning both her R.N. and her Master of Sciences in Nursing degree with honors.

Currently, Christine dedicates part of her time as a cardiovascular R.N. at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, where she brings her expertise and compassion to patient care.

Beyond her professional commitments, Christine finds joy in various hobbies. Traveling, singing, and cherished moments with her friends and family, including her miniature dachshunds, are sources of delight and relaxation for her.

At Ai Dental, Christine feels fulfilled every day as she helps patients in a warm and friendly environment. Her dedication to providing quality care shines through, creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere for everyone she encounters. With Christine at Ai Dental, you can expect genuine care and support throughout your dental journey.